Blending in with new Fam: How to?

Blending in with new Fam: How to?

Do you remember the trips you took with your family when you were little? Summer vacations used to be the best thing back in school, right? And mainly because it meant taking a trip with your parents, going some place new and exploring things together. Those chess games with your dad on the train journeys, looking out the window and waving to people, telling each other stories from school and cracking jokes with them, aren’t these the memories that you hold close to your heart? I bet they are! They were undoubtedly the best thing about summer vacations and we used to be so excited the day dad used to bring the railway timetable home because that meant another trip to some place exciting. Of course things changed when we grew up and we started taking part in the planning process. But come summers and we’d be on another trip. Even though a lot of them were to places famous for temples because my dad is a very religious person but it was still worth it, going to all these places and exploring the places around them. And every year we’d come back from these trips with a lot of pictures and even more memories. Then over the next few days, dad used to get the films developed and we would put these photos in albums and then show them to everyone who came to our house! Ahh fun times! Writing about all this is making me all nostalgic . Wait I gotta go call my mom! BRB!
So yeah! As I was saying, these trips have always been a very important part of my childhood because they mean family time! And now that I am married and there are new people in my life, a lot of things have changed over the last 11 months. There have obviously been a lot of new memories and fun times. And everyone who recently got married or have been married for quite some time, I want to ask you, “How do you bond with your in-laws?” I mean there is obviously a common and simple answer “spend time with them!” But if you do not live with them, then there are just weekends and two days every 2 weeks will never be enough and it will take time. Because in those 2 days when you are home, you might also have things to do back at home. You get the point, right?
Oh wait! Before I write any further, Let me be very clear, this isn’t just for the girls out there, even though “the rules set by the society might dictate so”. I believe it is for everyone who is married or is about to get married any time soon. I believe that it is equally important for the guy to spend time with his wife’s family as well. Hello? They also need to have good strong bonds, for the marriage to be successful.
SO yeah! How do you bond with your in-laws? EASY! YOU TAKE TRIPS WITH THEM! Plan a vacation with your in-laws because with the kind of lives we have, vacations are the best way to bond with people. When you are on a vacation, you kind of free yourself from all the chores and you have all the time to actually talk and bond with them. When you go on vacations with your in-laws you get to know things about them that you otherwise wouldn’t have known, which also means that you get to know them better, which is always good. It gives you a perspective on why they think they way they do and what controls the choices they make and what are the things that are really important to them. Take pictures together, explore new places together and take long walks to the beach together. It will do you good, trust me!
As good as taking these vacations is, for bonding with in-laws, it will also make your relationship with your partner that much stronger. Of course you tell them you love them but there are ways to show your love, too! Taking these vacations with their parents is just one of them!
Another reason why it is important is that it will help you understand your partner better. You get to know what is most important to them and you get to know the people who have shaped their thinking ever since they were kids and it makes it easier for you to understand the choices that they make and you know where they are coming from!
Wait! Before you go “It got very analytical and you can’t keep on analyzing all these things when you are on a vacation.” I want to tell you that “you don’t have to. That’s the best part about bonding over vacations. All this will come naturally to you. And the beauty is that it’ll come from these small things. Like when your mother in-law is taking her first ever flight and is nervous about it, to how happy she is that she got done with the flight and it wasn’t terrifying at all. When she goes to the beach for the first time and is scared of getting I the water or when Nitin’s father clicked so many pictures of us from all different angles because he knew that getting that perfect shot was important for us, to when he started suggesting photo spots that offer good views!

This photo!

It is all fun and games and you come back home with new sweet memories and of course hundreds of pictures (because now you have all these smart phones and DLSRs) , which his parents will insist on going through even when they are sleepy! So cute!
Just like old times! Maybe not exactly like old times but a different kind of good! And sweet memories, of course, with these new amazing people in your life!
Go plan a trip!
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  1. Virender singh
    January 9, 2018 / 1:09 am

    It’s lovely the way you expressed the whole old amazing moments so nicely,just like best player who know to spread and assemble cards of sweet memories.As a civil engineer I had knowledge of some bonds used in construction with bricks and stone,you have added some new features in my knowledge for bonding and managing life of writing skills, God bless you

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