Blabbering Mondays

Blabbering Mondays

How are you all doing this Monday? I, for one, am not doing so great. You see, I had a lot of things to do on friday and also over the weekend. I had everything planned out and had more than 20 things to-do list ready to be ticked off one by one over the weekend. I even told Nitin that I’d have to do a lot of work this weekend because I wanted to have some kind of a structure to the posts here. The whole idea of writing at the last minute haunts me and yet somehow, that’s how I still get these posts up. So here I am tapping at my keyboard at 9:00 P.M like a maniac, just because I don’t want to miss a post again. Because we all know how it works, I miss posting one day and then I only come here to write after a whole month and this month I told myself that’s not going to happen from now on. And before you go “But who cares about your posts anyway?

Well, I do.

Because I can’t simply let go of the idea of documenting our life on this blog for our future kids to read one day and make fun of their parents for being so corny all the time. Or maybe it’ll just be their mother because Nitin almost never writes, unless I give him life threatning deadlines. I also think it’d come in handy everytime we are having an argument in front of our future kids, I’d simple ask tell to read on the blog how many nice things their mom has written about their dad and how many times he has done the same, but at the same time I don’t want my kids to think that maybe it’s because their mom isn’t a nice person! Hmmm.. So many ways this could go wrong. I guess this blog will be my undoing, but that has never stopped me before, has it?

So, let’s not digress and come to the point. Yes, so I had a lot of work that I wanted to get done on the weekend. But I got very little done because we started watching this new show on netflix called “Money heist” and we binge watched the entire show over the weekend. So glad it is finally over though. And that’s the thing with these netflix and amazon primes of the world, every time you finish binge watching something, you tell yourself that now, you won’t start any other show because you kind of want to have some discipline and routine to your life. We also do the same thing. We start watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. again because having watched all the 10 seasons more than 10 times now, we don’t often bingle watch it. So it’s perfect for when you want to watch something, but not get glued to your tv screens. You get what I mean, right? But everytime you finish a show and tell yourself that you are not gonna start a new show, you end up telling yourself “Okay let’s watch just one episode of this show” and then the cycle starts again.

So, this morning, I made a resolution (I am pretty good at making them, keeping them is a different story that I don’t want to tell. Nitin however, will tell you that story gladly becauses he misses no chance of making fun of me ((so glad to have a supportive husband like him))), that this is going to change. I even told Nitin that we should prolly start acting like grown-ups, it’s high time. And that’s the thing with me, when I want to start making changes, I want to change every freakin thing. Like when I think that I have to focus on my health and when I put my mind to it, I go to the gym every single day, work my ass off, eat cleanest a person can ever eat, drink enough water, sleep for atleast 8 hours and whatever the hell you are suppossed to do, but then there are days when I don’t go the gym, eat whatever I want and say adios to my sleep routine and all the other routines in my life. You see, taking things slow isn’t something that my parents taught me and I am not yet sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Seems like a bad thing when you talk about having more stability and balance to your life, but then you find these genius memes that you can completely relate to and it all makes sense. I tell myself that I work hard for a week so that I can relax for the next week and that’s all the balance that I need in my life. And if anyone of you is wondering what kind of memes these are, here is an example for you: 

But I understand that all this is probably a coping mechanism, I do this to tell myself that I have it all under control, even when I really don’t. But I guess it is finally time at the tonking HQ to take things more seriosuly and get a solid routine in place. So, when Nitin comes home in about an hour or so, I will tell him what exactly do we need to do and ladies and gentlemen, I can guarantee that he is not going to take me seriously! My life is a joke right now. And it’s not because he doesn’t want to take me seriously, he just finds this idea of having a routine funny.

Nevertheless, I will keep you guys updated(whether you want to or not) coz apparently that’s what I do here!




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