A Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating in Vietnam

A Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating in Vietnam

Okay so this was probably the most asked question after our Vietnam trip ” Do Vegetarians get something to eat in Vietnam? Are there vegetarian-friendly options available?”

When we were planning a trip to Vietnam, we were also thinking about the same thing and just to make things a little clear, I decided to google some blogs about vegetarian food in Vietnam. I came across some articles that said that Vietnam is a paradise for vegetarians and that there are tons of options. So, we didn’t think about it any more and went on to planning our trip. And shortly after we landed in Vietnam, I realised that there aren’t a lot of options here and just because our first Stay was in Ninh-binh, which is still not as touristy as Tam-Coc or other parts of Vietnam, it meant there were even fewer options. So for those of you who are vegetarians and are planning a trip to Vietnam, here are some tips and your guide to eating in Vietnam!


  • Be prepared to eat a lot of fruits. Vietnam has lot of fresh fruits and being a vegetarian, fruits will be your staple in Vietnam.
  • Consider staying at hotels that have English breakfast buffet. You will have some choices there.
  • If you eat eggs, then you can still have a variety of Vietnamese dishes with eggs.
  • Learn “Chay” which means “vegetarian” or “no meat” and you can simply ask a restaurant if they can make a veggie dish for you.
  • Consider staying at a place that gives you the freedom to cook. You can get the veggies from a local market and you can cook a meal for yourself, which is great.
  • Take some food/instant noodles with you, for those times when you are really craving some.

Guide to eating in Vietnam:

  1. Baguette: You will see a lot of street vendors selling baguettes with stuffing (generally veggies and a meat) inside, but you can ask them to make one with just veggies and maybe even an omelette if you eat egg. This is like a Vietnamese version of Subway and it is quite decent and is often served with ketchup. 30739715_1919519964725782_7723571621755092992_n
  2. Pizza: There are a lot of pizza places in Vietnam, in all the touristy parts for sure. you can ask them to make a veggie loaded pizza for you minus the meat. We tried this and it was quite decent. In more touristy places, like Hoi An, Da Nang, you will find plenty of options to choose from. Hoi An has so many Pizza places that serve delicious pizzas and also homemade ice creams.
  3. Pho: The traditional Vietnamese Pho is a dish that you will find everywhere and you can simply ask to make your dish Pho “Chay”, meaning vegetarian pho. 30728931_1919500971394348_885710818660843520_n
  4. Tofu Dishes: If you like tofu, you can try some buddha bowls with tofu, but you will only find all these in touristy parts.
  5. Fried rice is easily available everywhere in Vietnam and you can simply ask for a no meat version. The only downside is that the Vietnamese use a lot of oil in the fried rice, but it is still a good option when you are really hungry. 30710057_1919500911394354_8569977614142275584_n
  6. There are a number of vegetarian Indian restaurants as well. We did eat at at least 3 of them(No shame). I know I know, you gotta try the local cuisine o the place that you are visiting but sometimes you just want some Comfort Indian food. 30709110_1919501161394329_8677423445186707456_n

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions related to Vietnam, keep them coming in the comments below.

Happy Travels!



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