A trip to the city of Lakes

A trip  to the city of Lakes

Hey Guys!

We have been MIA, we know! But during this time we have been able to sneak in a road trip to UDAIPUR! We both really wanted to go here but obviously it was not possible to do this on a weekend because Udaipur is like 12 hour drive from Delhi which is 24 hours of driving to and from Udaipur (which is a lot, if you attempt it in 2 days). Also, your Bum will hate for doing this drive in 2 days! Enough said, we had more than 2 days and had no destination on our mind. We wanted to see Udaipur but we were planning to do that in December because the weather is good then and that is a good time to visit Rajasthan. But we had 4 days and had no plans and Nitin says

“Let’s go to Udaipur.”

Being the control freak that I am, I initially said “No! Udaipur we will go in December na. Let’s go somewhere else.”

22908672_10155643373611166_274913579_oBut we had no other plans and we didn’t want to waste any more time in deciding where we should/shouldn’t go. So, on second consideration I said “Okay! Let’s go to Udaipur only! But we will have to drive a lot” And Nitin SMILED. And in 15 minutes we were in our car, driving towards Udaipur. Here is how the road trip went:

DAY-1: Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer

22894273_1732285830115864_1647131833217128999_nWe left around 11 in the morning and reached Ajmer around 7 P.M in the evening (after making a pit stop at a Dhaba for Sweet Lassi and to click pictures on a lovely sunset) and decided to continue with the drive the next day as we both were tired by then. We decided that we will leave for Udaipur early in the morning the next day. So when we got to Ajmer, I looked for hotels on OYO and found one that we liked, but when we got there it was in an alley and there was no parking space. So we cancelled that booking and booked another one, this time on Go Ibibo. We stayed at Hotel Ambassador, which has a terrace restaurant (Ambrossia) that is quite famous in Ajmer. But we both wanted to try some Rajasthani cuisine because the last time we were in Ajmer, we had amazing local food. We tried looking for the restaurant that we went to, the last time when we were in Ajmer but couldn’t find it. Then we asked around a few people and almost all of them suggested Guddan da Dhaba for dinner. It is really close to Vega Mall and food is absolutely delicious. It is a must try if you are in Ajmer.

DAY-2: Ajmer-Get lost (Almost reach Jodhpur)-Drive around in Jungle-Udaipur

So we both got up really early (which was a feat for Nitin) and started from Ajmer to Udaipur around 6 A.M. We had thought that we will reach around 10-11 A.M and will have all day to explore Udaipur and also the next day. But we took a wrong flyover and kept continuing and Nitin told me to close the GPS because now we have to keep going on that road only. Meanwhile I booked Hotels on OYO. After driving for about 3 hours Nitin asked me to check how far our hotel is. And when I checked GPS, we found that we took a wrong by-pass some 2 hours back. And Jodhpur was just 100 something kms from there. For once we considered going to Jodhpur and skipping Udaipur but then we decided that we have come this far, let’s go to Udaipur. And we looked for alternative routes to Udaipur and GPS showed us one which was faster than going back on the highway for 2 hours and then taking the right route (Which we should’ve taken in the first place). Driving on this alternative route, we reached a forest where the roads was pretty narrow and still we continued on that road which had numerous potholes, or you can say we went through those potholes and there was some road there!

22814306_1732285903449190_2993810435800779608_n22885797_1732285870115860_8065709799378791798_nWe saw a number of langurs and finally reached Udaipur around 1. Overall, it wasn’t a bad detour. We decided to take a Nap and then go out to explore the City. We finally left from our hotel around 2:30 and went directly to Lake pichola.

22852869_1732286263449154_5445617086045120217_n (1) Lake Pichola is at the center of the city and the view is really pretty if you look at it from a distance but it is not that clean as it should be. This makes me really sad, why people have no regard for the places that they have come to see. From Lake Pichola, we decided to go the Lake palace, which is not that massive if you look at other palaces and forts in India but it is easily the prettiest palace that I have seen. There is an entry ticket for 60 rupees and parking ticket for 250 INR which is totally worth it. You can easily spend a few hours here at the palace. Admire the beauty of the palace and just roam around feeling like royalty. You can also take a boat ride from the palace for 400 INR per person and they take you around in a boat on lake Pichola and you get amazing views of the palace.

22789044_1732286273449153_7617383993463696435_n22815344_1732286110115836_6726024186473140114_nThere are a few restaurants inside the Lake palace and we highly recommend Sunset terrace restaurant for cocktails while watching the sunset and Palki Khana for Lunch/Dinner. Sunset terrace restaurant is actually the best place in Udaipur to watch sunsets from. In the evenings you can also take a walk around the ghats on Lake pichola.



Sunset terrace restaurant offers the best views of sunset


Sunset at Sunset restaurant inside Lake palace Complex


Day-3: Udaipur-Jaipur

In the morning we decided to go see the Monsoon palace which is about 30 minutes from City Center and we are glad we did. It offers amazing views of the city and you can see both Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar lake from here. There are also a lot of cats here and you can make some furry friends. Monsoon palace is perfect to watch sunrise over Udaipur and also the perfect place to just chill, walk around on a lazy winter afternoon. Here are some pictures that we took:

22908416_10155643373466166_728678030_o422789087_1732286193449161_9098561005836226725_n22815352_1732286190115828_5636131853791617442_nWe left Udaipur in the afternoon with a promise to be back for a longer duration. Udaipur is one of those places where if you want to do sight-seeing as a tourist, there isn’t really much to see and you can cover the places in a day, but if you really enjoy walking around in narrow lanes and spending afternoons on ghats, it is an amazing place. It is also good for people who are looking for these grand resorts to stay at and do nothing much on a vacation. On our way back, we stopped at a mall to have food and to withdraw cash for the tolls that we will have to pay on our way back. The drive was pretty sweet and we closely followed the GPS this time and made it to Jaipur by evening.

Day 4: Jaipur-Delhi

While the morning was spent in shopping for some crackers for Diwali, we started from Jaipur in the afternoon. Delhi-Jaipur is the drive that we have done a million times like most Delhi people have and there is not much to write about it. There are a lot of restaurants where you can make a pit stop and the food is pretty much the same. But yea if you have time make a stop at Old Rao Dhaba near Dharuhera on your way back. They have the most delicious Dal Makhani and it is a must try.

We were happy to be back home after about 24 hours of driving and spent the next few days giving each other back massages! 😛


Till next time














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  1. Virender singh
    October 29, 2017 / 4:38 pm

    Normally planned trips are amazing but after going through your visit story to udaipur u witness Guidance of GPS in such a way as the road with pot holes but such experiences also thrilsthis seems to be attracted for tonking around, its seems somewhat hacktic.god bless you to correct for future trips

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