The Husband & The Dog: A love Affair

The Husband & The Dog: A love Affair

A lot of you already know about Jojo, the new guy in our lives and for those of you who don’t know it yet, here is something I never thought would happen. It was a big thing for us and ever since then a lot of things have changed in our lives(picking up poop, having to feed this little guy 3 times a day because he is little and can only have small proportions in one go, teaching him not to chew on your shoes, waking up twice a night because he needs you and what not!).

And let me tell you exactly what this post is going to be about: When we got the Pup, We talked about what kind of a dog we want him to be (I Know!) and how we will train him and all. But let me tell you what is the biggest challenge. Nitin is spoiling him! Yeah that’s right; even though I might be the one who lets him on the bed the minute he starts whining. But that’s only because he usually does that in the middle of the night and at that time I am half asleep(half dead) and I do anything to make him stop whining so that I can go back to sleep.

But Nitin is the one who is actually spoiling him and that too during the day time when he is fully awake and is completely aware of the consequences that it might have. And I know Nittin will read this and come ask me “Tell me when did I spoil that Dog”, and I am prepared for these kind of questions, as I have a list with me.

  1. Teaching him how to bark: It is not funny. There have been multiple times when I have seen Nitin on his knees and on the floor with Jojo, both facing each other and Nitin fake barking at Jojo to teach him how to bark back! Try picturing this and you’ll know why I am saying what I am saying. And the reason why Nitin does that is because he finds his bark “cute”!
  2. Getting on Our Bed: Now Nitin is teaching Jojo how to get on our bed. He thinks it will help with his midnight whining and he can simply come on the bed and sleep. But all it has done is teach Jojo to come to my side of the bed and start making noises so that I get up and help him get on the bed. The dog is also smart enough to never try and wake Nitin because he knows Nitin won’t wake up from his deep sleep.
  3. Talking to the dog in Baby voices: Okay! so maybe I do this too, but Nitin is next level when it comes to these baby voices(it is the voice in which you talk to a baby) and he modulates his voice so much that even the dog understands that he is being pampered.
  4. Feeding him desserts: I swear this is a true story(Nitin will tell you otherwise!). So we discussed that we will not feed our dog anything sweet because they start scratching themselves, but then when we were having sweets on Lohri, and mojo was looking at us with his puppy eyes, Mr.Husbandman decided that he should be given a little piece because he is also a part of the family and should be included in celebrations. Guess who looks at my chocolates every single time now? And guess who is responsible?

I can go on and on but I gotta go and stop Nitin from spoiling our dog( I mean more than he already is). God! It is gonna be difficult raising kids with this one because he will be the one always spoiling them ! There is no winning here! :\

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