A love Affair with Pune Monsoons

A love Affair with Pune Monsoons

Monsoons! <3

Ah how much I love monsoons. 

How much the two of us love monsoons!

The feeling of raindrops falling on your cheeks, the delicious smell when the first rain drops hit the sand, the fact that everything turns green, rains that soak you wet in less than a minute, almost like cleansing you from within, what’s not to like? 

In monsoons we are that crazy couple getting drenched in the rain and enjoying every bit of it and not give a rat’s arse about how we look to the outside world(everyone except the two of us).

And NO! Not really in a romantic way as you see in a lot of Bollywood movies. 

No one twirls and does Cham-Cham dance, no one wears a saari and make the entire situation hot, no one even sings except for some humming here and there and there isn’t any sizzling romantic scene in a barn as we dry ourselves(at least that’s all I can tell you). 

In fact, the more I think of it, I realise, that while we are enjoying the rains, we are like two best friend, both of whom really love the rains, and every once in a while those friends kiss. 😛 

Okay back to the topic now. 

Every year, we anticipate the monsoon season and this year even more so, now that we live in Pune.

And it has been amazing so far. 

Of course like any other people who love monsoons, we have our favourite places to visit in and around Pune during the monsoon season. There are hardly any weekends when we are home on both the days. We have listed out our fav places for monsoon drives here in case you want to have a look. 

But over the last few years all of these places have started getting really crowded over the weekends. Sinhagad now has some of worst jams on weekends, so much so that the govt. has decided to deny entry to all vehicles on Sunday evenings. Crazy right? 

So we like going on weekdays whenever we can. But this year, we are on a mission to find places that are off the beaten path and so obviously are a little less crowded. We want to find places you don’t see in travel guides and that aren’t in the “top places to visit near Pune” list. I guess we will see how that goes and we will report back in about a month or so. We want to give ourselves enough time to explore some places and to find some gems, maybe. 

Wish us luck 🙂

See you next time, till then, Happy Travelling! 🙂


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