Hair Goals? Couple Goals? Travel Goals? : A life of comparisons

Hair Goals? Couple Goals? Travel Goals? : A life of comparisons

There is this new trend that is slowly but surely spreading like a disease, all thanks for social media and the amount of time we spend staring at our phone screens. Everyone is trying to show how they are “living their best life”

People make sure that they always “check-in” whenever they are dining at a fancy place or are partying at the most hip club in town, what they are wearing (yes talking about all the #OOTD#OOTD shots), Where they are travelling to. And the most funny of all is people going on their honeymoon and then sharing 100 pictures on their social media, not when they are back but while they are still on their honeymoon. There is a album that gets uploaded daily on Facebook.

Now who am I to say anything? I mean, maybe sharing these pictures on a daily basis makes them happy and that’s why they are doing it and that’s totally okay. But what about food flat lays that take the longest time to click and by the time you are done, the food goes cold and doesn’t taste as good. And that’s not all. People are in this constant race of portraying their cool lives on social media. They want to tell everyone how perfect their lives are. How they have the most perfect relationships, the most organised homes and their travels to the most exotic locations and staying at 5 star hotel resorts.

And there in nothing wrong with that.

But It is wrong when we compare our lives to people’s curated lives. Social media doesn’t even tell half the story, in fact it doesn’t even show 10% of people’s lives and still we fall into the trap of comparisons. And as a wise man rightly said “Comparision is the thief of Joy” and it can not be more true in today’s world of social media.

When you see a pretty picture on the internet, you don’t know what all went behind that picture. Maybe the girl in the picture has extensions on, she spent hours styling her hair, Maybe she even photoshopped the picture to make her butt look bigger and her waist smaller, and maybe even spent hours getting that perfect picture and then hours editing it but you will never know what went behind one picture and yet you compare.

How is this fair to yourself?

And it is just not about people’s lives on the internet. Otherwise as well, a friend got a job at a big company, or your friends bought a new house/new car, have done so well for themselves in so little time, and then again you compare your life with theirs and again that’s not fair. You have gotta give yourself enough credit for all that you have done and all that you have been able to achieve. There is no need to compare because everything happens in everyone’s life at a different age/time and that’s completely okay.

Everyone has a different story and yours is also totally different from those with whom you are comparing your lives and it just doesn’t make sense.

Sure you follow the influencers on Instagram, but don’t let that make you feel bad about the life you have. Instead, take inspiration from all these people. Follow people who share their lives behind the cameras and who share how much hard work they put in daily to get where they are now.

And most of all, if you really want something, if you want a lifestyle then you should be ready to put in hours of hard work and remember that everything takes time. Also, by wanting to live a life exactly like the people you follow on social media, you are devoiding yourself of the opportunity to try and live your best life. Maybe you are capable of having a totally different but equally awesome life, but you will never know because you are constantly chasing how someone else’s life looks on Instagram.

So stop trying to have a life that looks like someone else’s and find your own happy. Find what works best for you and what makes you happy. Don’t fall into the trap of comparisons. Everyone wants different things from their lives, everyone has different style, everyone has their own preferences and it is awesome to be your true self. To accept who you really are and to love yourself the way you are and not compare/doubt yourself every fleeting second. It is empowering and truly magical. So go, see for yourself.

Here’s to a life of no comparisons, a Happy one! đŸ™‚

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