6 reasons why Sri Lanka should be at the top of your 2019 Travel Bucket list

6 reasons why Sri Lanka should be at the top of your 2019 Travel Bucket list

Sri Lanka or the tear drop island country has our hearts and it is not that difficult to see why. This little island country has everything and is perfect for just about any kind of traveller from adventure seekers to beach bums. It has some of the most stunning hikes, a lot of beautiful white sand beaches with the most amazing clear, blue waters, tea plantations on rolling hills as far as your eyes can see, some stunning waterfalls, delicious foods and a lot of temples and  rich history and culture.

If that is still not enough to convince you, and if you are really looking for reasons to visit this beautiful country here are some for you:

  1. The weather is always nice. Since Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons, whenever you want to visit, you can decide between the south and the west coats or the east and the north coast depending on which month you want to go. We went in December and hence chose most of the south coast and the central hill country region.

2. There is a lot of wildlife as well. Srilanka has a number of national parks where you can see elephants and even tigers (if you are lucky) in their natural habitat. And even if you don’t want to go on a safari, you will see plenty of elephants walking along road sides while road tripping through the country.

3. It is a relatively cheap country. You will find plenty of accommodation options for every budget and it is super easy to backpack across Sri Lanka for super cheap. The Public transport system is really cheap, the routes are easy to understand and the trains and the buses are very well organised and are always on time. The food is also quite cheap and vegetarians will also find plenty of options here.

4. The people in Sri Lanka are the most lovely, warm people you will ever meet. They always greet you with the biggest smiles and the locals are always willing to help you and in fact they will often go out of their way to help you (which happened to us twice, actually).

5. The cultural triangle has a very rich culture and so many beautiful temples and ruins to explore and get to know more about the history. And some of these places are really well maintained and are still not that touristy. And there are 8 UNESCO World heritage sites on this tiny country.

6. Another great reason to plan a trip here is that the country is really small in size and you can cover a lot of ground even if you are planning to go for just a week. Just to give you an idea it is totally possible to visit the hill country, explore some UNESCO world heritage sites and chill on some stunning beaches and also explore the dutch colony in Galle in just a week.

And if you are still not convinced, check out this post from Sri Lanka where we share our Favourite pictures from this beautiful country.



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