5 Free Plug-ins every Word press Blog needs

5 Free Plug-ins every Word press Blog needs

If you have just started blogging, chances are that you are using word press for your website and if that is the case, here are the 5 free plug-ins that EVERY wordpress blog needs.

Firstly, lets see what widgets are. Widgets are the most powerful tool on wordpress. They make it so easy to add things in sidebars and any other space in your website that supports widgets like your header or footer. Widgets provide extra functionality. The most common widgets are “Categories”, “Subscribe to mailing list” and so on that you see in the side bar. But not every theme comes with built in widgets.

But that can be easily solved by using plug-ins and the best part is that there are so many free plug-ins available that there is no need to buy the paid plug-is. So here are my top 5 favourite Plug-ins that you absolutely need in no particular order:

YOAST SEO: Yoast SEO plug-in is a godsend and I am not exaggerating. Yoast SEO allows you to set a focus word for a blog and then provides you the SEO analysis for the article and also provides tips on how you can improve the SEO score for your blog in simple steps. it also gives you the functionality to add extra related key words and snippets at the end of the blog itself and shows a preview of how it will look on a search engine, which comes in quite handy. How-ever, it is not limited to that, it also makes it easy to add codes and get rich Pins on Pinterest, which are an absolute must to get more traffic more Pinterest. Read how to get Rich Pins here.

ELEMENTOR: If you are not a fan of the classic wordpress editor and want more control over customizing how a page looks, you need ELEMENTOR plug-in. It is a super simple plug-in that lets you add elements and drag and drop them where you want them on the page and everything is highly customizable.

AD-INSERTER: This one is a no-brainer. If you are using google adsense or any other advertising platform for ads on your blog and want to add “Ad-codes” to your html, this is the plug-in you want. It is super simple and fuss free and you need Zero coding knowledge to be able to add codes using this Plug-in.

PIN-IT: This plug-in makes the pictures in your blogs and articles easily pin-able. Every time a person hovers over an image in the blog-post they will see an option to “Pin-it” allowing them to pin it directly to their Pinterest boards, which in turn adds more connected links to your blog post, hence improving the ranking of your website in the search engines.

OPT-IN: It is almost impossible to have a successful business online via a blog without a mailing list. I use Mail-chimp to build my email list. When you generate an opt-in campaign on mail chimp, in order to integrate it on your WordPress blog, you need to add that URL to your blog and that is where opt-in comes in. It is pretty simple to add mailing list codes to your website and you have the option to select which email list building services do you use.

Hope you found this post helpful. What are some of your favourite plug-ins for wordpress?


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