5 A.M. wake up calls & Common Colds

5 A.M. wake up calls & Common Colds

Guess who thought it was a good idea to start waking up at 5 AM? 

I will save you the trouble, you would have guess anyway, it’s me. Aprajita. 

Why  5 AM you ask? 

Well, I read somewhere that all successful people have this habit in common. So I thought why not. 

I can imagine my parents rolling their eyes right now, because this is something they have been telling me and my my brother ever since we were kids. Sorry guys! Some things take time. 

And I think I am at that stage in life right now, where I finally understand everything my parents used to say when I was in school or even college. Be it about certain friends, or about things like waking up early. 

But I am glad I decided to make it a habit this year. And to make the habit stick, I thought I’d do a challenge. Like any reasonable sensible person would lol. 

I thought 30 days is good amount of time. You know how if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit, I thought, I should maybe give it a few extra days for the habit to stick. 

And I did it. I was up at 5 today. It’s just the second day though. See I planned that I will wake up at 5 but I did not think it through. What do I want to do if I wake up at 5?

And here I am typing away at my laptop at 6 in the morning, while it’s still pitch black outside. 

Is this the best thing I could do at 6 in the morning? I don’t think so. But I was up at 5 and I believe in taking baby steps. 

But Do I have nothing else to do?

Well, I went to make tea first thing in the morning and then this voice inside my head told me I shouldn’t be having sugar first thing in the morning, so I made myself a big mug of green tea and sipped it slowly. I had this idea in my head about what all I can do in the morning and workout is number one on that list. But you see, my society gym isn’t even open yet. Winter timings, my ass!  And it’s not even winters in Pune. But still. 

Gym is closed, so workout is postponed. 

Next on the list was pranayama, I don’t even need gym for that. But the idea of doing pranayama when it’s still dark outside, makes no sense to me. I am just waiting for the sun to rise, so that I can do that. 

Another one was to shoot videos, but there is no electricity and still dark outside, and I can’t make a video in the dark, so that’s out too. Also I don’t want Nitin to wake up and find me talking in another room. How scary would that be, for him! Maybe I should do that! 😀

I even thought about taking a bath, but then taking a bath and then going to the gym to get a workout in and get all sweaty doesn’t make any sense either. I still have no idea how Nitin does it! In his defence, after taking a bath, he is less lazy and thus is more inclined to workout, but I will never understand that logic. 

You see, typing at my laptop is not the best thing I could do at 6 in the morning, it’s right now the only thing I can do. Literally. 

I am still happy that I am writing this blogpost though. I feel like it’s been a really long time since I did a post like this, because I got so caught up in making a resource library on the blog that these posts took a backseat. But I am back. 

Because I love writing these posts where I have no rough draft and most of the times no direction or point too. But I write anyway. I just write whatever I am feeling. And I find it amazingly therapeutic. Not that I need therapy guys! Or wait, maybe I do! 

We will never know! 

And because we have time before the sun rises and I have to do things that a responsible adult should do, let me tell you what happened the other day. 

See, I had a cold from quite a few days and it was that nasty cold that comes back every morning. And I didn’t want to take any medicines for it and I was dealing with it and curing it with home remedies that I learned from my Papa.

Everything was going normally.But then something happened. Something that changed the way our lives were going.

Nitin Got the Cold.

And the thing is, when men get the common cold, it’s not just the “common cold”.

And I am sure all the married ladies understand what I am saying. When men get the flu, they can not function. True story! They turn into babies who demand all your love and attention.

And Nitin is no different. He is such a cry baby when he gets the cold. He buries himself under a pile of blankets and quilts in front of the TV with water and snacks on the bedside table and refuses to act like an adult. I mean it’s just cold but like all other men, he has a tendency to make it a huge deal. And our days are spent watching endless shows on Netflix and all his favourite because he is the one who is about to die apparently, or so he acts like whenever he has a cold, so he gets to choose what we watch. And he makes it a point to choose movies and tv shows that I’d never watch otherwise. Sometimes it makes me wonder, whether he has gotten sick, just so he can Netflix and chill, while I get him hot fluids to drink and then cuddle him as we watch two people beating the hell out of each other in those stupid action movies.

You know, I am beginning to think that he has some ways of catching the flu and then whenever he is sick of watching romcoms and can’t take it anymore, he goes and gets the flu. But is that really possible? I don’t think he can outsmart me like that! So that’s clearly not it.

Maybe he got the cold for real. But it’s still so funny. He is all Macho on other days but the day he gets a cold, he turns into one giant fluff ball. And dare I tell him to stop acting like a child? No no no. Because apparently he is a lot sensitive too, whenever he has the “Man Flu”. And earlier maybe I used to still tease him, but these days, Nitin getting the flu is my worst nightmare. No kidding.

And you can understand just how helpless I feel because whenever he is starting to get sick, you can find me requesting him to “Please not get sick”.

What even is my life!

Sun is up! Gotta go do adulting and stuff!



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