24 hours in Kuala Lumpur

24 hours in Kuala Lumpur

We took a flight from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur, reached KL about 7:00 in the morning, got through immigration, took the metro to the city, checked in our hotel and by 11:00 P.M. checked out to go back to the airport to take a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam in the morning. Less than 24 hours it seems! But what crazy ‘almost’ 24 hours. Here’s everything you can do and see in 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur:

Okay first things first, You NEED to get a day pass. It isn’t important but you’ll thank us later. KL has a really good network of Metro, trams and buses and this day pass will get you everywhere you want to go and this is really economical as well. You can even take a metro to the famous BATU Caves. This day pass will cost you about 70 MYR and will save you some bucks. If you are in KL of two days, you can get a two day pass as well. This pass gets you from the airport to the city and from city to the airport (once each side) and then as many trips as you want in the city metros.


KL metro will be your best friend in KL

Ready for the craziest 24 hours? Let’s go:

9 A.M: Start with an early check in at your hotel, followed by a dip in your hotel’s stunning infinity pool. Take in the pretty view of Petronas twin towers and KL tower and enjoy a light breakfast on the terrace because there are so many cafes in KL city that you will eventually find yourself stuffing your face with food. we highly recommend Hotel D’ Majestic. It is near Pudu Jalan Metro station and offers views of the Petronas Twin towers from the pool area.


Infinity pool at Hotel D’ Majestic

11:00 A.M: Time for some shopping because in Kl you never get to know where metro station ended and where the mall began and you will suddenly realise that you are in a huge ass shop, looking for crazy deals and discounts and are ready to give them all your money in exchange for stuff. Seriously though, there are just so many shops and one can’t help but go crazy!


Malls: Kuala Lumpur

1:00 P.M: Grab a bite at one of the cafes. There are so many options to choose from and if you are anything like us, I mean people who love all day breakfast menus, these cafes are for you. We highly recommend The good batch cafe, Antipodean cafe, ABC, VCR Cafe and feeka coffee roasters.

2:00 P.M: Take a walk around china town on the petaling street and get a taste of the street food and you can also shop for souvenirs. There are even planters here and they make a really pretty picture as the sun goes down.


Chinese lanterns

4:00 P.M: Central Market: Central market is a short walk away from Petaling street. It is also called Pasar Seni and it is the city’s artistic community’s focus. It is kind of a flea market and you can find cheap merchandise such as traditional batik, embroidery cravings, souvenirs.

6:00 P.M: Perdana Botanical Garden: The Perdana Botanical Garden is the largest collection of flower gardens and animal parks in Kuala Lumpur.It also houses The orchid garden formerly known as Lake Garden. Take a relaxing walk around the gardens and watch the sun go down.

8:00 P.M: PETRONAS Twin Towers: This one is quite obvious. And you have to see the personas twin towers both in the evening and during day time. Best is to go right before the sunset but you can always go there twice and sneak in a little shopping at the KLCC.


Petronas Twin Towers

10:00 P.M: Time to grab a drink or two at one of the rooftop bars and to eat to your heart’s content while enjoying the views os the personas towers. You can also go to one of the Night markets on streets of Pasar Seni and shop till you drop. You will find everything here at dirt cheap prices and although the quality is not that good but ti is still a lot of fun.

1:00 A.M: If you are in KL on a weekend, you can head to any of the bars and rooftop restaurants that are open till late. The Heli lounge is one such bar which is a helipad turned into a bar, which offers the most stunning panoramic views of the city. Elysium and Pisco Bar are also worth going to.29062914_1876490575695388_4980162807623319552_o

3:00 A.M: Although there are a number of bars that are open till late hours, and you can totally go to one of these and have a good time, but for us, it was time to get some sleep before we take an early morning flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Till Next time, KL!


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