What to do your Husband calls you UGLY

A few weeks back Nitin and I went to this mall near our house. It was Diwali season and we were in a really good mood, well before Nitin called me Ugly and told me my skin was dull! Yeah True Story!

Though he will say this is not true Β but I am putting myself in this vulnerable position and telling you all that he called me Ugly, so yeah I am not the one who is telling a lie here. Read along and you will know what it is like to have a husband who calls you ugly!

So, I was telling you it was Diwali time and we were in the mall. We were just roaming around, window shopping and we saw The body shop and as usual, I went inside and Nitin followed. There is something so inviting about TBS shop that I walk-in almost every time that we are crossing the store. Nitin has now made blueprints of Mall of India and he knows all the routes to avoid The Body Shop store. There was just this one time when I didn’t go inside and that is because I was with some people from the office and I wasn’t ready to show them my crazy side yet. So yeah, as usual I walked in The Body Shop store and Nitin followed me. I was looking for some day face cream for winters and of course a couple of Night creams that I didn’t need but which I felt like I deserve. I was really confused between the two night face creams and I wasn’t sure which one I should get and Nitin tells me “Here! Get this one. This is for Dull Skin!”

And believe me Β it may sound like it isn’t that big a deal but when you hear these words come out of your husband’s mouth, there is a sequence of events that takes place. It starts with the wife being really mad at the husband and the classic “What did you just say?” question pops up, which is then followed by a “How dare you say that” Look! This is followed by Niitn telling me that it wasn’t like that and he spends the next hour trying to explain his statement and failing miserably, because how in the world can you explain this!

This is then followed by another series of events where I tell him how he has changed and how he has started calling me ugly now. Then I act like I am mad at Nitin and make this really sad face and the truth is that I am almost never mad at him. But what this ‘acting mad’ at him does is, it makes Nitin want to make up to me, which is good because we are already in The Body shop store at that point of time. You see how this works out well for the both of us. Okay now NO I don’t play these mind games generally but at times, yeah I do, because they aren’t doing any harm to anyone except for Nitin’s bank balance! And that day also, I came from TBS store with a bag full of products! See how I won; because I always WIN!

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚



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