20 IG Story ideas to try

20 IG Story ideas to try

Instagram can be tricky, right? Everyone is a content creator these days and the whole Instagram Influencer market is so saturated and getting seen and catching attention of eye-balls is no game. It requires a lot of hard-work. you have to create high-quality content and also think about captions and hashtags for every singe picture and then engage with the audience to grow your Instagram following. We know how painful and tiring it can be at times.

But IG story is a different game altogether. The fact that they are there for just 24 hours makes them a perfect space for you to get more personal with your audience and share your day to day life with them. Also, IG stories follow a chronological order in terms of how they are displayed on someone’s feed, which makes them perfect to get more engagement from your audience, if you are consistent on stories. And while stories are the perfect outlet to share your raw moments with your audience, there is nothing wrong in making your stories aesthetically pleasing. So here are 20 IG story ideas for you to try:

  1. Collage in Instagram app: There is no need to use any external apps for making collages, simply go to your gallery and copy the images that you want to use in collage and paste it in IG Stories. Arrange all the pictures how you like them and your collage is done. So quick and simple and you won’t be sharing 20 stories from one place.
Instagram Story Hack: Collage in Instagram with external Apps

2. DOODLE: Possibly the easiest and most fun way to elevate your IG stories is to doodle. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it is so simple and so much fun.

Instagram Story Hacks: Doodles

3. Use PNG images in stories: This is one of our favourite ways to edit Ig stories and it looks amazing. We use tape quite often. and there is no need to download any apps, just search tape png on google and download the one you like and when you have uploaded the picture that you want to post on your story, copy and paste the tape png from your gallery. You can then resize it and reposition it to where you want. It is basically like adding a gif except that you have unlimited options.

Instagram Story Hack: Using png elements like Tape

Shadow text: Shadow text is amazing because it is so subtle and again, so simple. Just add the same text twice or thrice and use different colors each time and then carefully size them and place them on top of each other, displacing them just a bit to reveal the color of the text beneath, so that it looks like a shadow. Pretty Simple, right?

Mix and Match Fonts: Using different fonts gives your stories a very interesting look, so don’t be afraid to mix and match the fonts and have fun with it. You can also try playing around with the spacing of the letters.

Write text or lyrics on edge of a picture: This looks editorial if we can say so ourselves. Honestly, so simple and it gives your stories such an aesthetic look. Simply write whatever you want to write and place it at the edges of the picture.

Dotted Text: It looks quite different and I have not seen a lot of people doing this. Simply write whatever text you want and then with the eraser tool, draw strokes across the text to make it look like dotted text.

Instagram Story Hacks: Dotted Text

Rainbow Text and Color gradient: Rainbow text looks so good but this is a little tricky and requires patience to master. Write the text that you want on a picture and then select the text with “select all” and then press the colour selector on any colour for the colour gradient to be displayed. Now comes the tricky part, you need to slide your finger on the selected text and the colour gradient at the same time and you will get a beautiful rainbow colour when you move on the colour bar horizontally. However, if you move your finger vertically, you get a lovely colour gradient which also looks quite good.

Write each letter separately: Writing each letter separately and then arranging them in a zigzag pattern around a shape in the picture looks very aesthetic.

Instagram Story Hacks: Write each letter separately

Mix your handwriting with a font: Honestly so simple and it completely changes the look of your Instagram stories. Just write anything you want using the brush tool and mix fonts with it. It takes a little practice though but don’t worry about perfection.

Instagram Story Hacks: Mix your handwriting with a font

Create a Solid colour square: Write a text and press the “A” on the top left corner for a solid colour background. Now select the text and make it the same colour as the background and you have yourself a solid colour square. So simple, right?

Decorate shapes with emojis: Once you have drawn doodles, go ahead and decorate these with emojis. So simple and elevates your stories.

Create a 3-D rainbow affect: Draw rainbows around the subject in the picture and then use the eraser tool to display some parts of the picture to make the rainbow look 3D.

Instagram Story Hacks: 3D Rainbow Effect

Use the Eraser tool to display parts of the picture: Simply add your picture to the story, and then fill the entire picture with a solid colour. Now use the eraser tool to display some parts of the picture.

Draw Spiral patterns and zigzags around subjects: It is such a fun way to level up your IG story pictures. I usually use the glow brush to draw zigzag patterns around subjects and then use the eraser tool to make the subject pop out and give it a 3D effect.

Use full picture with tap here: When you share a post on Instagram and are sharing to your stories,zoom in the picture to cover the entire screen and use a transparent “tap here” for the post. It looks quite good with nature shots.

Answer multiple questions in 1 story: Every time you do a Q&A on your IG Stories and have too many questions that your audience want you to answer, select a question to answer on story and then save that as image. Start a fresh story and select that saved image first and then select another question to answer in your story. You can add as many questions as you want and you don’t need to upload tons of stories in responses.

Solid color background: For those of you who are still coloring the entire background using the brush tool and are tired already, here is a hack. Select whatever color background you want from the color picker in Brush tool and then tap and hold on the screen and voila’ the entire screen fills with that colour. It is super quick and super useful.

Fill the entire screen with repetitive text around a picture: Take a picture that you want to upload and fill the entire screen with a solid color using the step 18, then use the eraser tool to just show the subject from picture and in the rest of the space write repetitive text using copy and paste.

Write fonts between your handwriting: This is a little different from tip 10. Select a picture and write the text you want in all CAPS using the brush tool.using the eraser tool erase off a middle part of the text. Next write the same thing/alternate text using one of the fonts in IG and change the spacing to match your handwriting.

Instagram Story Hacks: Write text between your handwriting

That’s all for today’s post. Do give these a try and let me know in the comments below, which one is your favourite.

See you next time! 🙂


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