10 Travel essentials for our carry ons

10 Travel essentials for our carry ons

Who doesn’t love travelling? exploring new places, trying out new cuisines and experiencing new cultures, is an amazing feeling right? But there is something that most people hate about travel and it’s often packing and unpacking, and let’s be honest, it can get quite exhausting. And even after spending hours in packing and unpacking, you often forget something or the other. We are no different. From wallet, keys to even passport, we have forgotten a lot of things in our previous trips. But that’s a story for another time, here is our list of travel essentials for our carry-ons, that we never leave home without(at least not anymore):

  1. Phone: While it might seem like it’s almost impossible to leave your phone behind in today’s date and age of social media, but sometimes some of us do forget to take it along. And this one is a must when you have your flight tickets on your phone or if that’s the only camera you plan on using for the trip. Also, don’t forget the phone charger, that’s what usually gets left behind.
Travel Essentials: Phone & Headphones

2.Wallet and Passport: Again, very important and something you shouldn’t forget. Before you leave for your next travel adventure, make sure you have got your wallet and passport. We usually keep both the things together in our carry bag/purse the night before we have to leave.

3.A sweater/shawl: As we all know flights can get really cold sometimes, and I never forget to carry a sweatshirt/hoodie but those can get quite bulky in your luggage sometimes, so shawl is a much better option and it’s so versatile, you can even use it as a pillow if you need.

Travel Essentials: Camera & A shawl/Sweater

4.Earphones: We like catching up on tv shows and movies on long flights and headphones are a must. We’d also suggest buying one of the converters so that you can plug your headphones in the headphone outlet points, because most headphones provided by the airlines are really bad.

5.Snacks: Another thing really important for any flight is the snacks, especially on long flights. We like packing things that we can munch on while watching a tv show, like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and if it’s a really long flight then we also like taking along at least one meal because the in-flight meals are some times so disappointing. We also make sure to always carry a refillable water bottle so that we don’t buy single use plastic bottles from the airport.

6.Camera and gear: The camera is the heaviest item in our carry ons, and it is a must. Sure it makes going through the security check a hassle but it’s worth it, to keep your camera and all that expensive gear safe.

7.Neck Pillow: I literally can’t take flights without my neck pillow and it is an absolute must in our carry-on, because I love napping on long flights and as everyone else, I hate waking up with a neck/shoulder ache.

8.Book: A good book is the best thing to carry on flights. It can totally make you forget how long the flight is, at least for a couple of hours. I have finished several books on flights in a single reading and those have most definitely been the most amazing few hours of my life (not exaggerating)

Travel essentials: A good book

9.Planner & Pen: This is a must for all you journal monkeys like me. At times I randomly have this urge to doodle and I obviously need a paper and pen for it, so I like carrying my planner and a pen. It’s also great because on long flights we can get a lot of planning done and it’s such a productive thing to do on long flights.

10.Skin Care: Nothing fancy, but we like carrying some basic skin care essentials like a cleanser, moisturiser, a lip balm and some eye liner on the flights. I have seen his recent trend of carrying face masks too and it looks like a great idea of hydrating your skin and giving it some extra care, although I have never done that myself. Maybe on my next flight though! 🙂

Hope you found this list helpful in some way. Comment down below what are your absolute must-haves in your carry-ons?

See you next time! Till then, Happy Travels! 🙂



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